A location-sharing app that focuses on getting people physically in to the same place as effortlessly as possible. Key metrics for success are time spent socialising off-app and not time spent in-app.

Ping Crew Pty Ltd

Product Designer


The Heart of the Experience

Customers received physical stickers for every in-store purchase and daily free sticker packages inside the app. Those stickers could then be traded through the app. 


Simple Navigation

Ping consists of your friends, places that you have received from friends or curators and maps which you exclusively receive from curators. To move from one screen to the other you can swipe or tap.


Sending Places to Friends

Proposing to meet-up is as simple as selecting a place on the map and sending it off to a friend. All you can do is attach a note to the request such as “meet me there at 4pm!” – old school, no back and forth.


The Foundation of the Experience

A style guide ensures consistency and system. It documents colors, typography, iconography, individual elements and its states and more. It’s flexible and modular (heavy use of nested Symbols in Sketch).


Only for presentation purposes. Complete style guide can be provided on request.

Welcome and Introductory Walkthrough

Wow, you made it all the way down here! Here are some welcome and walkthrough screens which I had a fun time putting together.


Bonus: Interaction Prototyping

It is important for product designers to be able to bring their designs to life and communicate their ideas explicitely with the developers. Here are the interactions I have put together using Framer and Flinto.

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Why I worked on this

I could emphasis a lot with Bennet’s, the founder of Ping, vision to create an experience that focuses on bringing people together physically and away from their phones.

Special Acknowledgments

Bennet Dalton, Brian Truongau, Gary Mansted

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