Media Markt Mega Deals

Media Markt, the worlds second largest electronic retailer, was looking for an innovative way to engage customers. With the Swiss marketing agency Dealini we came up with a Panini-style app. 

Media Markt, Dealini

Product Designer


     Customers received physical stickers for every in-store purchase and daily free sticker packages inside the app. Those stickers could then be traded through the app. 


Every brand who participated had four stickers. In order to get the brand's deal, users had to get all four stickers through trading or getting lucky through free daily stickers. 


Why I worked on this

The mix between a digital product and physical stickers intrigued me. I also collected Panini soccer stickers as a kid and shopped at Media Markt.

Special Acknowledgments

Michael Wirth, Junior Bontognali, Team at Media Markt

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