Daily Stories

Share your day with close friends and family. To receive your stories, your peers do not need the app. If you blast out your story, the app creates a beautiful email that will be sent out. 

Personal sideproject

Founder, Product Designer


     Today’s content sharing platforms are designed to make us addicted. Their goal is to have us share as much as possible. To achieve this, they use things such as likes and other instant gratification rewards. 


Daily Stories allows you to share your most precious moments via an email with your loved ones. You get no likes or views in return. You simply share for the sake of sharing.


Take pictures and videos.
Take a picture or record a movie. It will be automatically saved to your story.

Compose a story.
Take more pictures and build up a story like you would on Snapchat. 

Send to loved ones via email.
Once you're happy with the story, send it up to 10 friends. They don't need the app.

Why I worked on this

I was dissatisfied with the current journaling solutions. Evernote, Day One or Google Documents are too cluttered. So I went ahead and created my own application.

Special Acknowledgments

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